Just Existing is Okay!

by John Cozz

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heypepperdragon i needed to hear this record so badly right now—finding clutch artists through memes rules Favorite track: Who's Going to Take Over Jeopardy?.
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I miss the days of splitting french fries and drinking coffee talkin naive teenage day dreams like we knew what we were doin I was just 17 on the side of route three my whole life seemed to fit inside of a parking lot I wish it still did He got sober and you moved away of course everything was bound to change now I'm laughin while I'm cryin man I'm fightin through the tears but this smilin is prevailin and it's comforting me this year thinkin back on my memories thinkin back on the things we made thinkin back on everything I wish I could go back Cuz there's no place I would rather be there's nothing I would rather be than a teenager a teenager in New Jersey
Who is gonna take over jeopardy? A question that I find very troubling. Alex trebek was always there for me So who is gonna take over jeopardy? Who is gonna take over jeopardy At the dinner table i watch it with my family Got a mouth ful of gavadeal and broccoli Struggling to answer questions properly like Who is gonna take over jeopardy? Who is gonna take over jeopardy? Best of luck in the search for someone as witty Please dont give the job to ken jennings I don’t care about his grand total winnings Or who is gonna take over jeopardy? Who is gonna take over jeopardy Tracing back down my childhood memory Every tuesday night you would come visit me help me with my homework then we would watch tv always talkin about your wheel of fortune theory And who is gonna take over jeopardy? Who is gonna take over jeopardy? A question that serves as a reminder to me That my grandpa passed away in 2017. And all the things i love are disappearing and all I wanna know is Who is gonna take over jeopardy? Who’s gonna take over jeopardy What if I grew up to be 203 I was the oldest living person in history The only thing I still Don’t know is Who’s gonna take over jeopardy Please no body take over jeopardy Just put the whole thing on netflix for me This way I can stream it from my smart tv With my remote i have control over everything Isolated in my home living comfortably Please no body take over jeopardy
Crossing over the rail road tracks Fighting through another anxiety attack Watching myself slowly fade away My commute alone is two hours each way I was late for work so I’m driving real fast That’s when I noticed the flag at half mast But I didn’t think about it till I stopped for gas Now I’m running through my thoughts I couldn’t put my finger today Cuz it feels like now were in constant dismay Another mass murder in the USA Oh well Wednesday is my pay day The nra or the fda Proud boys all across the USA Tech companies and the fbi Blah blah blah they want you to die death creates new things to sell I know at times it’s that’s hard to tell so Let’s just make one thing understood These products are for your own good Thank god for targeted marketing so people know what it is they need New iPhones built for everyone That conveniently break when the next one comes Armed guards inside of all the schools Lunch menus with organic food Electronic cigarettes And punk bands albums on cassettes it’s a good thing this commutes So long Ill clear my head and write a song But why even write a songs like this Cuz it turns me Into a hypocrite Taking advantage of a tragedy Sayin my song Is what people need everyone who’s come before me Gone down the path of fame and glory has done so just by speaking up Against the evil and corrupt Hey give me your cash give me exposure Just till I am one step closer I’m fightin hard to achieve this dream But an artist life is hard for me Cuz let’s just say there comes a day When everything us artist say Has finally gotten through them art has solved the worlds problems Do you think youll be content When Everyone who was upset Finds solace in your songs of pain says you work them feel more sane Are you mad your songs arent needed starting to feel a bit defeated? now i guess You can relate To all the folks that you claim you hate? All I’m asking is to be transparent Admit that you’re not all that different You don’t have to back the things they do But don’t deny you aren’t in it for you So I was crossing over the rail Road tracks Fighting through another anxiety attack Because It’s hard to claim art’s genuine When everyone just sellin it Do something more than sell your songs Yell at people when they’re wrong Work together to make the world better Ahh fuck it print your single screen gilidian shirts Sell them for 20 bucks
The plants keep growing in my house I know what this is all about the world around me is always changing I'm just trying to stay the same and why does everything disappear Just trying to make it through the year Certain things get hard to say Trying to keep the bad thoughts away Now and then they find their way to ruin my entire day When I wake up I'm filled with fear gottta ask myself why I'm still here. If living means that I'm just dying nothing seems less satisfying the days drag on the years pass quick watching the world change makes me feel sick. and I miss you cant wait to see you and I miss you cant wait to see you AND I MISS YOU CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU
Dried up leaves where my dog falls asleep and I feel myself fading away. The sky is so grey on a day like today this couldn't be anymore cliche. I chew on my cheeks till my mouth starts to bleed and it feels good to feel anything. The people I love don't know how I love them Cuz i never show them my cheeks They don't know how bad I bleed Inhale exhale breathe Inhale exhale and sleep Inhale exhale repeat Thats all I got done today I forgot just existing is okay inhale exhale and breathe


Recorded by Max Rauch at Domestic Bliss Recording Studio
Pizza Bagel 2020

I've been sitting on some of these songs for awhile now. In 2020 I knew that two of my musical goals were to 1. release at least a single song where I play slide guitar and 2. call back to an early sound of lofi acoustic talky anti folk. On this ep I did both multiple times.

These song's as a whole have been hard to release, I only want to put them on bandcamp as a more archival thing. I don't think they reflect who I am all the time but I do appreciate that this is how I feel on certain days. For this reason I believe they have their place being archived as such. (With the exception of tracks 2 and 3)

These songs serve more as a tangent of thoughts, often lacking sentence structure ( i that's still the bulk of my music) More so just thought I've had while being the road all the time.

These songs are about the fears we face in watching the world change. Loved ones die, businesses come and go, consumerism rules the world, all that sort of thing. Not that there's ever a right time but this seems like the most fitting time to release these songs as I continue to stay inside constantly checking for updates on the state of the world.

These songs ultimately are a reminder to me that THIS IS HOW I FEEL SOMETIMES AND IT IS OK. It is ok to be scared, it is ok to feel uncertainty, and simply just existing is ok. If all you did today was wake up and then you've already one. Today is scary but tomorrow might not be. I love you all.

-John Cozz


released March 18, 2020


all rights reserved



John Cozz Nutley, New Jersey

New Jersey Fast Food enthusiast

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